Friday, February 18, 2011

Military rape trial starts on Susan B. Anthony's B-Day

Hardly noticed, just like any celebration of Susan B. Anthony's birthday, is the filing of a lawsuit - finally - calling attention to the crimes against women by the military.

Gates, Rumsfeld Sued Over U.S. Military's Rape Epidemic

By Jesse Ellison
February 15, 2011 | 9:01am

A landmark lawsuit filed Tuesday against Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, alleges that the military's repeated failures to take action in rape cases created a culture where violence against women was tolerated, violating the plaintiffs’ Constitutional rights.

“There are three types of women in the Army,” says Rebecca Havrilla, a former sergeant and explosive-ordnance-disposal technician. “Bitch, dyke, and whore.” During the four years that Havrilla was on active duty, she was called all three—by fellow soldiers, team leaders, even unit commanders. Once, during a sexual-assault prevention training, the 28-year-old South Carolina native claims, she watched a fellow soldier—male—strip naked and dance on top of a table as the rest of the team laughed. While deployed in Afghanistan, Havrilla spent four months working under a man she alleges bit her neck, pulled her into his bed, and grabbed her butt and waist—on a daily basis. When, on the last day of her deployment, she alleges she was raped by a soldier she considered a friend, it was, she says, “the icing on the cake.”

But Havrilla calls herself lucky: the end of her military commitment was in sight. In other cases, soldiers have had to keep fighting alongside, or even under, the person who assaulted them; been ostracized by their units for reporting an attack; or, as another woman says, simply “shoved to the side.” Havrilla and 16 others are now plaintiffs in a class action suit filed Tuesday against Defense Secretary Robert Gates and his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, alleging that their failure to act amounted to a violation of the plaintiffs’ Constitutional rights. The suit, brought by Washington, D.C. Attorney Susan Burke, and filed in the Eastern Virginia federal court, charges that despite ample evidence of the problem, both Gates and Rumsfeld “ran institutions in which perpetrators were promoted; … in which Plaintiffs and other victims were openly subject to retaliation… and ordered to keep quiet.” The plaintiffs, in turn, have been “directly and seriously injured by Defendants’ actions and omissions.” “It’s shocking,” the case’s lead investigator, Keith Rohman, tells The Daily Beast. “And it’s just hard to understand why they’ve held off. Families all over America send their young men and women to serve and they do that at tremendous personal risk and danger. But this is not a risk that those families want to assume.”


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Greenconsciousness said...

EXAMPLES OF RAPE TOLERANCE IN THE MILITARY - Please sign the White House Petition in support of military women.

Rush Limbaugh’s women hating is too boring to repeat. But there is a law suit being waged by military women over the military's tolerance for rape culture and that is relevant. Military women complain of being regularly called whore, and sluts, dykes, (feminazi?) and prostitutes. Behind their back and to their face.

"Eight current and former members of the U.S. military allege in a new federal lawsuit that they were raped, assaulted or harassed during their service and suffered retaliation when they reported it to their superiors.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Washington, accuses the military of having a "high tolerance for sexual predators in their ranks" and fostering a hostile environment that discourages victims of sexual assault from coming forward and punishes them when they do. The suit claims the Defense Department has failed to take aggressive steps to confront the problem despite public statements suggesting otherwise."

If the military continues to allow a broadcast by a radio host who demeans women of achievement in the same way, it is evidence of the military's tolerance for rape culture.

Another piece of evidence is the way the military hired its rape counselors, advocates and prevention specialists. They used this flood of hiring several years ago to prove they were really trying to prevent rape. But they gave preference points to the family members of servicemen.

I believe the air force actually restricted hiring to only family members of servicemen. I know one of the branches did.

So if your counselor is the wife of a man you serve with, there is a definite conflict of interest.

It is not just that the counselor's sympathies will be more with her husband, it is more that the first thing military families learn is not to rock the boat for fear of consequences to their serviceman. Real advocates have to rock the boat.

Right now, just get that asshole off our tax payer funded Armed Services Radio Network.

While Levin said he’d like Armed Forces Network to drop the show he does not believe Congress should go so far as to require the Pentagon to do so through legislation .

On Wednesday, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm urged people to sign petitions calling on Clear Channel, which runs Limbaugh’s radio show, to yank him off the air and to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to stop airing Limbaugh’s show on the Armed Forces Radio Network.
A Pentagon spokesman says the military’s network will continue to air Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. George Little says the American Forces Network offers a wide range of programming to reflect listeners’ interests and he is unaware of any plans to review that decision.
Of course. @#**%#

The pentagon needs to learn we have lionesses out here too. Show the pentagon your teeth and claws.

Get the ball rolling to get this misogynist off the tax payer funded Armed Service Radio.

Sign the petition here...Look at the bottom of the page, your right side .. create an account .. its easy: