Friday, March 06, 2009


Sticks and stones may break our bones but words will never hurt us - Baloney!

"Turning a person into a thing is almost always the first step in justifying violence against that person."
- Jean Kilbourne, lecturer and keynote speaker focusing on violence, women, and the media.

Turning a thing into a person hardly gets a second thought or consideration.

So why do women themselves contribute in many ways to being considered objects?

Why do they follow the male dictates of impersonal objects being possessions and FEMALE? Boats are she; most countries are she; cars are shes and it goes on and on with most women hardly batting an eyelash.

The male child is often referred to as a man, a big man, a young man; the female child, never as a woman, although the conditioning intent is clear when we hear her called "a young lady". Mostly though they are called objects and often named the same way. Cookie,Sweetie-pie anyone? Or the song, "Candy, I call my sugar, candy...".

Thus the male child is strengthened and identified and the female is weakened and objectified. And we wonder why it continues. Oh wait. It is mostly women who teach children their language; men teach them their social order - first class or second class. And men do this using the language taught by the mothers - the mother tongue, get it?

Another month is here that is given short shrift by media and by women. A Month called Women's. So who really cares? The media's focus and headlines is on Michelle - emphasizing her body, especially her bare arms and her clothing.

Women have let themselves be reduced to obsessers over fashion, grooming and related cattiness while ignoring how they contribute to the programming of our youth with our language.

It is so cute to be thought of as a barnyard animal that some women actually call themselves and other women, chicks, and continually refer to themselves as pre-pubic ie girls.

A small article in today's paper stated how the number of rapes has increased world-wide. The last line reminded us that most rapes are unreported. Our society still projects that it is the woman's fault so shame, awa fear, keeps the rapist in business.

And it is just too much trouble to say Chairperson. Sticks and stones, sticks and stones.

"all men are created equal" No later amendment changes those words any more that laws concerning equal pay do.


Greenconsciousness said...

International Women's Day Action
Global Gender Caste Action

Please tell your friends about the petition.

To: U.S. Government and United Nations

We call upon America's government representatives and the international representatives of the United Nations to recognize the global threat of oppression and violence to women from Islamic supremacism.

We demand that they pass national and international resolutions condemning Islamic supremacism as a threat to women everywhere. We demand that these world leaders recognize the existence of Islamic supremacism, and we demand that they take measures to protect the women of the world from the Islamic supremacist ideology.

Women are being oppressed, beaten, murdered in America and around the world in the name of Islamic supremacism. Being "sorry" is not enough. We call upon the leaders of the world to take responsibility to SAVE WOMEN NOW from this cruel, vicious, and deadly ideology of Islamic supremacism.

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Read more about the action here involving 2 marches - in London and Wash DC here:

mattie said...

This pix was both disturbing and hilarious.