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A rapidly growing list of sexist remarks against Hillary.

Women threaten Obama boycott

I do not find any qualities in Obama that indicate he is capable of bringing about this cooperation. I see arrogance, imperiousness, inflexibility, and contempt for those who do not hand him what he wants. He does not appear to want unity, only capitulation. Anglachel’s Journal

"DNC: Fractured Fairly Tales"
is our (IndyRobin and GeekLove) latest video from "Shut the Freud Up" Productions.

Our last video "Mad as Hell"

How ironic is it that we internet activists have been hollering for eight years for Democrats to fight, and now that we have a fighter on our hands, so many of those hollerers are hollering AGAINST her? lambert at Corrente

Obama merely has his words, hope and the video of his wife sounding unpatriotic which will be used over and over and over again. And that's why so many Clinton supporters are reluctant to vote for Obama if he becomes the nominee. It's not because they are bitter. It is because they chose Hillary over Obama for two real reasons: experience and definition.

We know what we are getting with Hillary Clinton. We've read the label that has been on the box for years. And, yes, we may not like everything about her, but at least we know what we are getting when we support her. There are no surprises, no baggage left unexamined. Hillary has been in the public eye for years. She has a record that can be followed and seen in plain view. We know who she is. We know that she is a hard worker and a smart fighter who will never give up. And we have a pretty good idea of what she would do as president. Perhaps most importantly though, we know that she wins vital states that have proven to be essential to winning the WH.

“… coupled with the growing list of gaffes, the Great Lakes in Oregon, needing more Arabic translators in Afghanistan, his campaign in 57 states, Kentucky being closer to Arkansas than Illinois, his future meeting with the President of Canada and yesterday, his speech of Sen Kennedy in the past tense is too reminiscent of the current White House occupant. It's beginning to look like we are being hoodwinked and bamboozled. Again.” -- From a reader’s comment on Kristin’s article above.

“Can we conclude from this that it has been policy for Mr. Obama to NOT rein in his supporters and bloggers previously? Can we conclude that even with his own very optimistic figures, Mr. Obama realizes he needs some if not all of the Clinton 17 MILLION VOTES? Does this make anyone else feel as if they cannot vote for this person? After all, some of his supporters indulged themselves—without a word of protest from Mr. Obama until NOW—with bashing Hillary, and bashing women, the older votes, lunch bucket Dems, the Appalachians, and Latinos over and over again. Many of us were taunted for being our selves—actually BEING women or older or carrying lunch buckets, etc., etc.—as if there is something WRONG with us because we ARE women or older or lunch bucket workers or from certain areas or of certain heritage. We were personally attacked. And Mr. Obama knew it.”

Solidarity Sunday (by garychapelhill at The Confluence)
We have been talking a lot lately about the “sweetie” commenters that will try to butter us up and convince us that we must “take them back”. Most women have been through this before… Women have far too many times acquiesced to further the goals of men… Many women opposed the 15th amendment which gave black men the right to vote because it didn’t include women, but in the end many deferred… Feminists in the ’60’s allied with men to end the Vietnam War, only to have the men abandon them once their goal was accomplished. See, the war did end, but afterward when women wanted to pass the ERA, support from a lot of those men evaporated… We all need to stick to our guns. Hillary must be our nominee. Promises and sweet talk will not work this time. These promises, I should add, are more and more resembling threats as they get increasingly desperate. Not going to work. Not this time. We have the power, and we’re going to use it.

There's Something About Barry [BO]...
And his adoring crowd, estimated 75,000 strong. Amazing! Astonishing! Unprecedented! Historical! Mind-boggling! Did you hear??? Barry drew 75,000 fans to his rally!!! shrewd Lambert of Corrente observes, Kerry did one better in 2004, drawing 80,000 - 100,000 people in Philadelphia -- and we know how well that worked out.

Maps of the electoral college outcomes for all three candidates.

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