Wednesday, April 09, 2008


We just read a definitive of what MSNBC stands for – Mostly Shit ‘N Biased Coverage. All through this campaign it has been a loyal member of the BO campaign continually ignoring his gaffes while continually repeating blown-up and often-erroneous gaffes by HRC.

CNN and other cable slant reports too. Case in point is how they show only part of the SNL skit concerning the Clinton tax returns. A large part of that skit contained very funny, very pointed and accurate slams at the media for stupidly ignoring all the information about the Clinton’s book deals and lectures, but cable carefully plays only the part that pokes fun at the Clintons.

Now that it’s obvious that the DNC is also pimping for a coronation of their Precious One, the push is on to eliminate HRC – it seems they are afraid he will lose and old Howie is out there telling women of the dire consequences of voting for McCain. So the DNC and the media’s message is to tell listeners that she cannot win and they shouldn’t vote for her.

They are also endlessly repeating a lie that they insist she told concerning a woman who was refused treatment at a hospital and died, even though the Washington Post has reported the facts - Clinton did tell the truth.

They are trying to scare HRC’s supporters into dumping her by playing the abortion card. Listen up! The committee chair that would make or break McC’s nominations is Sen. Pat Leahy who fully cooperated, even lauded, the selection of Aleto and Roberts, bending way, way over for George Bush.

Also, you can’t scare us with that crap anymore because we know that both sides of the isle want to keep that issue in play because it brings their voters to the polls even when there is no presidential election.

So bug off, Howie and the rest of you BOcrats of the DNC. We have the right to insist that everyone’s vote be counted and when they are, your Precious One may well lose the god-like luster you have reflected yourselves in. You don’t scare us because thanks to the Internet we are no longer dependent on cable TV disinformation.

Oh, we know all about the BO girls of all ages. To paraphrase the late Gov. of TX, Anne Richards, they find themselves on third base in their position or profession and think they hit a triple. We’re talking the former worker-bees for the Party, who year after year have been satisfied with pats on the head and broken promises but no longer believe in a Party that rewards the thugs who support the Wright /BO agenda.

An agenda that lauds AARadio’s, Randy Rhodes [the Left’s Ann Coulter] for calling Senator Clinton and Geraldine Ferroro “F-ing whores” – demonstrating for all to see that hate speech about women is really OK.

An agenda that encourages supporters to use disgusting language against a United States Senator; although the woman in BO’s campaign who called HRC a Monster left, the hate-filled bloggers still use this and other nasty appellations when they write their venomous tripe.

An agenda full of political dirty tricks that are covered up by the media, like Precious’ campaign calling up HRC delegates and telling them that their election has been voided; An agenda that uses its thugs and bullies to prevent free speech on the Internet blogs and continually tries to scare voters with threats that they are being racists if they don’t vote for Precious.

In a battle between our Monster and their Precious, the outcome is assured because there is no fairness in this race when the media and the DNC actively work to support one candidate. You can’t insult us, you can’t scare us and you won’t have us doing your scut work after the Primaries if you nominate a candidate who refuses to let ALL THE VOTES IN EVERY STATE COUNT.

You want a monster? Just look at the reliable monstrous total of votes from women over the years and think about the dent your actions is going to make in it.
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