Friday, December 21, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 052


Just like women do, but it is acceptable, even laudable if a man looks tired. But if a woman does not always look attractive and perky, she is maligned whether she is famous, infamous or little known like the rest of us.

We see a tired woman with a schedule that would exhaust any one of us but we know she will keep it up, not only on the campaign but as president. Let her opponents slide easily along on their past and their gender; we know how it feels to be tired.

You’ll see nary a comment or even a picture of a tired male candidate. They are supposed to look the way they look. But the paparazzi have long dogged Hillary to get pictures they can sell to her opponents; as well as photoshopers for nasty things to run on You Tube.

There’s lots of joy in Media-Mudslinging-ville now that it has anointed Barack as the leader. The giggles and guffaws of males and fembots in the hallways and around the water coolers is because they think they “got the bitch”.

Got a picture showing her looking tired; sure that it would be all over the internet; sure that Drudge would feature it and the media would pick it up and Maureen Dowd would present it, and Limbaugh’s words in the NYTimes.

We know hardly anything about Barack’s past aside from what he has written about it, or how he plans to do the lofty things he promises but to the media he fits the primo qualifications.

He is always attractively pictured and not only has been coddled by the media which just laughs at his sexual and ageists slurs against his opponent but also is protected from the searching examinations given the other candidates. The discrimination isn’t just gender driven, it’s cultural and anatomical.

Competent journalists like Mark Halperin and Howard Kurtz report that Clinton is under a harsher microscope by the media.

Paul Krugman recently wrote: “According to a recent survey by the Project for Excellence in Journalism, Mr. Obama’s coverage has been far more favorable than that of any other candidate.”

“Hillary is a woman. Get over it. You may like her views, her experience, her campaign tactics, or you may not. That's legitimate. That's political discourse. But to put up an unflattering photo of her on a well-read site like Drudge for the purpose of showing that she's looking tired -- what's the point? The point is an attack on women for not looking perfect.” – Matt Littman

No nasty comments were made on Giuliani’s hour long laughter during a recent interview with Russert. Some might call it a nervous laugh. But those in the media who noted it at all called it, “A good natured laugh”.

In contrast, media led by Petrified Ball’s Matthews, constantly characterized Hillary’s laugh as a cackle. This is only one thing he does in his intense support of any MAN who might attack her and make her give up the race.

He constantly urged Barack to go negative on Hillary and cheered when he did. But when Hillary returned the favor in kind, Matthews became apoplectic with rage screaming that Hillary was trying to kill Barack in the cradle. He even called it “sudden infant death.”

Chris hates strong women so fiercely that when AARadio’s Rachel Maddow came on his program and didn’t present the prerequisite idiotic smile and say what he wanted her to say, he was furious and blurted out, “How can you say that! I’d like to waterboard you!”

Barack even got to see his personal attacks against Hillary made a part of a Repug anti-Hillary video – nice going for a guy who is sweet talking to screaming teenagers, hates the elderly and promises to bring all people together.

Yet media mavens and bloggers lament the fact that some prejudiced voters will not vote for a Black man as president and how unfair it is that even a few racial questions are reported about him. A favorite phrase they use is, “aren’t we a better country than that?”

They completely ignore the prevalent and constant prejudice against women and gladly amplify and glorify sexism in all its forms as a God-given right.

In the spirit of the season, is this the message you want to leave to your daughters - A story of three wise men, an all powerful King, his son and a baby-incubator? “Aren’t we a better country than that?”
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