Friday, June 08, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 024


Have you ever wondered why things are not improving even though it seems everyone is aware that there are problems? Why does the killing in Iraq continue to continue? Why does the military allow their own soldiers to be repeatedly raped in their academies, on bases and in war zones?

Why are women’s and minorities’ hard won rights falling victim to a merciless Supreme Court? Is it OK with you that the Democrats in Congress are trashed by all the media - even Air America and other Liberal broadcasts? Certainly they should know better how the system works. Majorities do not mean mandates.

This terrible stuff has been going on for some time now seemingly without anyone caring very much. It appears that all our people want is free prescription drugs, free beer, 24/7 sports and many juicy scandals involving scantily draped women.

Don’t speak up, don’t agitate for a free media and above all, don’t think about it. Bush might let you get blown up by el Qaeda or send you for a tropical vacation in Gitmo instead of protecting you.

It is so true that there is much to fear and it is difficult to understand why our leaders allow the menace of the Bushies to continue unabated. It is difficult because the power to do anything does not come from the Congress or the Senate.

The power is us - we the people and we the people are mostly sitting on our asses, complaining bitterly about gas prices and worrying about who will win the latest fake star contest.

The thing is that the Rychus ones keep throwing it in our faces and we are so used to it that we think it’s OK and normal. We are brainwashed to blame everyone but ourselves.

That is somewhat understandable since our education system tends to turn out carbon copies and individual thought is frowned upon. Still we find it difficult to understand why more do not see the danger in the Republican debates.

10 white males who believe they deserve to be president by virtue of their color, religion and gender, openly appeal to the masses conditioned to what a president should look like.

Why do so many of us fail to see the huge sign floating above them reading: “THE WHITE, CHRISTIAN, MALE POWER STRUCTURE MUST BE PROTECTED from Obomanation, and from a white, spiritual, female who would change the whole fabric of this country.”
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