Friday, February 10, 2006


Oh, darn! The Republicans are unhappy, angry and terribly upset again. They just cannot get used to a funeral being a celebration of life. They want dirges and uncontrolled weeping but what Democrats give them is joy, laughter and some goddamn straight truth. And, if the celebrated person was political, there will be politics spoken there.

Not to long ago it was the Celebration of the Life of Senator Paul and Sheila Wellstone that upset them. As in all things the Republicans seem to think that they are the arbiters of what is right and proper. Well so be it, then Democrats should be the arbiters of what is left and truthful.

And that is what came through in spades at the Celebration of the Life of Coretta Scott King. The most glorious thing about it was that Bush was right there to hear it. It must have been a bit rough on him to hear unvarnished truth because he isn’t used to hearing it.

After all, he has spent most of his term in office listening only to sycophants in a controlled setting. Formerly, people who attended his speeches were thoroughly vetted to make sure that nothing might be said that would embarrass Bush or allude to the truth.

That wasn’t the case on Tuesday where the biggest applause was given to President Bill Clinton and Senator Hillary Clinton. This must have irked Bush at least as much as it irked Chris Matthews who tried mightily to get his panels to condemn the Clintons.

But all he got was the pure rage of the lesser evil twin of Ann Coulter, Kate O’Beirne, who was appalled at ALLthe goings on at a funeral and the lack of respect shown the president. [Actually plenty of respect was afforded all of the former Presidents!]

What Bush heard for the first time was the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. For the first time he heard what ordinary people thought about his horrible war and his criminal mishandling of Katrina and the victims of that and other hurricanes.

One can only hope that now more people will speak up and lift up a cacophony of protest to a so far deaf, dumb and blind White House. Now is the time for the Democrat’s squeak to become a roar and the grass roots should lead the charge WITHOUT their usual hate slinging rhetoric toward members of their own Party.

And on the same day poor old McCain got his feelings hurt and was pissed off. Whining and crying like a grown up baby whose hormones had kicked in. Doing everything except stamping his feet, John Boy lashed out at Senator Barack Obama. Of course, Chris boy gave him a platform to do it with no rebuttal.

In one of his tirades, McCain noted that “an ethics reform plan he introduced with two Democrats, Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, was evidence of his commitment to including "members of both parties."

Now is the time to notice and make public the fact that Joe and Ben are not Democrats, they are Republiwhores. And now is the time to tell John that he no longer has the high ground on truth. He can no longer excuse his hormonal outbursts by saying that he was “straight talking”.

He was and is a bully, who backed down and became a lap dog to Bush even after Bush tore him several new ones and dissed his family when they were both candidates for president. If this country is sick enough to make John boy a candidate, we are doomed. Liberals have just got to stop kissing this guy’s ass.
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