Friday, January 20, 2006


Just as Stephen Colbert created the word “truthiness”, we created “WORDIMESS”. Truthiness, in case you’ve missed this, is when something is said over and over in the hope that it will eventually come true – even though it is a lie.

Wordimess is any word a Democrat may utter in her/his speech or write in a column that Repugnants can frown on, take umbrage with or blame on President Clinton. They use them for cover when they have no response to what the Democrat said. It is to cloud the issue while they think up a truthiness.

Recent examples are when Senator Clinton used the word, PLANTATION and when New Oleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, used the word, CHOCOLATE. Repubs pretended they had the bejesus shocked out of them by these words and the media joined in to rev-up the wordimessing.

Of course they didn’t want to slam Mayor Ray for his ridiculous God phrases because that might make their religiosa faction unhappy so they focused on the one word and put forth their Black sycophants to beat up on the Mayor.

By constantly responding to any media question with their consternation over one word, they obliterated much of the import of the speaker’s other words or points. They also use wordimess to make it appear that the speaker is a racist, implying that no one would use the words plantation or chocolate unless they were.

In addition, this sort of fussy, nitpicking worrying of words takes up media time and forces the Dem’s remarks into the realm of absurdity. This has always been Rove’s plan – to keep everyone laughing at the Democrats.

So Dems that can’t stand the heat join with the Repugs and vote for Alito or criticize Dem speakers and the words they chose. This, of course leads to more jokes and laughter as the media picks it up and the late night comedians roll around with it in their mud baths. Thus goes our CIVILization.

“Why is it if we are all so well-educated and brilliant and gifted and artistic and idealistic and distinguished in scholarship, that we are so selfish and scheming and dishonest and begrudging and impatient and arrogant and disrespectful of others?”
-- M. C. Richards in the Tarrytown Letter [No. 49]

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Anonymous said...

From AAR blogs, thank you. Very insightful and well written. Makes me think.


Anonymous said...

could somebody spit out a name and maybe spare someone else from abuse by this quack ?