Saturday, October 29, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 044


So, it isn’t quite the longed for perp-walk but Special Council, Patrick Fitzgerald, laid out a picture of an administration that lies. Not that was any great secret to anyone who has been tuned in to their political shenanigans.

Prior to the Grand Jury’s findings that Scooter Libby not only lied but obstructed justice, any person watching television or reading their newspaper could see who was in trouble and knew it.

In the days leading up to the Grand Jury’s decision we have been treated to the classic wounded beast expression – the smile or rather the snarl shaped into a smile. It started with Tom Delay who smiled on all the media shows, smiled his way in the streets and House and smiled for his mug shot.

Then there was Rove, smiling at every turn as he left his house, got in his car, talked on his cell phone. Scooter was seldom seen but when he was he too had a grin from ear to ear.

“Never let them see you sweat” is the saying but the stink of guilt was all over them, their bosses and very obvious telegraphed by their smiles.

While Fitzgerald was giving his press conference, CNN split its screen to show that Bush was giving an address to the usual crowd of sycophants and Cheney was talking to camo-clad troops. No coincidence there as they tried to take America’s attention away from the expose of their crimes.

Both smiled until their teeth must have hurt. They knew, as did most who listened to the Special Council’s report, that they were responsible for the outing of a CIA agent, characterized by Fitzgerald as a threat to national security.

Sadly, he did not have enough proof to charge them under the present statutes but this may be rectified by an alert Congress in the future. It is purely criminal that lying got us into war, lying got over 2000 troops killed and lying endangered the lives of our intelligence operators.

This Bush administration started out by keeping everything secret from the voters. Many of us thought this was wrong but the media just ignored it. Their lust for power caused highly placed officials to lie, even under oath, confident that they could get away with it.

Lucky for us what goes around comes around and the criminals in the Bush administration are now in the throes of their self made KARMAGEDDON.
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Sunday, October 23, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 043


Memories fade but still people remember Florida and Ohio with anger, frustration and renewed determination not to let the Repugs diminish their votes again. Still, the people haven’t figured out how to take control of elections from the politicians.

Just recently the people of Iraq, under the tutelage of the Bushies, held their second trip to the polls to answer the question, “Shall we accept the new Constitution?” The ink was hardly dry on their fingers before examples of ballot box stuffing emerged.

At last Bush has proof that he has brought American Democracy to the underprivileged Iraqi nation. Under Saddam, the dictator, voter participation was 100%; under Bush it was over 100% in several areas.

Perhaps the total depends on how many Iraqi are still alive to vote after the compassionate war to liberate them from a cruel dictator, electricity, water, foreign troops and sewage disposal. Or it may be that troops surrounding the voting places outnumbered the voters and made the math difficult.

But the important thing, Bush tells the world, is that they voted despite the danger of bombers or snipers because they wanted freedom so much. Iraqis interviewed mostly agreed that they wanted freedom but mostly from American troops and intervention.

They want to fix their own country now using their own oil. Most Americans want to give it to them and urge the withdrawal of their daughters and sons. They are beginning to begrudge their taxes going to the bottomless pit of shoring up the Iraqi/Bush/Halliburton puppet government.

Some Americans are already wondering if they can form their own militias to surround the polling places here in the U.S. to make them safe for the voters; militias would also provide daycare on site and enforce the use of voting methods now reserved only for the affluent areas.

There is a dawning realization that massive voter reforms must be taken if the count is to be fair. Diebold voting machines especially must be reconfigured by non partisan technicians to accurately record totals.

If America can send trillion$ to Iraq, surely it can learn to spend what it takes on making voting not only fair and balanced but reflective of the will of the people instead of the majority Party.

Along with voting reform the Democrats must present their plans to heal this country after the damage done by Bush. They cannot just sit back and take it for granted that the Planegate scandals will give them the presidential election – think John McCain just waiting in the wings to smash and grab votes right out of the Democratic base!
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Friday, October 14, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 042


You have to admit that it’s been great fun watching the religious rychus ones squirm over the latest nomination to the Supremes. Harriet Miers, Harry to her friends, is just not what they envisioned when Bush told them he would appoint people that would put prayer in schools, eliminate same gender marriage and abortion.

Her nomination has laid bare a supreme example of how the media uses derogatory terms toward Democrats but when Republicans do the same thing, the media calls it by the devious terms Republicans use.

“We need to know her JUDICIAL PHILOSOPHY”, sayeth the Republicans, in their criticism. The media repeats this phrase explaining that Conservatives want someone who will stop gay marriage and abortion. Note that nothing is said about this being a LITMUS TEST as is done when Liberals state their qualifying needs.

This must all be very hard on Harry who obviously has allowed herself to be put into this position out of sheer love and devotion to the person she describes as the most brilliant man she has ever known. Whew! Just another example of exquisite Bushie torture and Harry has to suffer through it with a smile on her face.

Some think she has been put out as a stalking horse, something to take the public’s and media’s attention away from the suppurating pustules of malfeasants in the Bush administration.

Others say that she is just another example of Bush appointing/nominating cronies to any office no matter what their qualifications may be. As of the present moment, most Democrats are waiting for the Senate hearings completely unsure of what to do.

Here’s a suggestion for them . Get busy on putting forward substantiating legislation to aid the poor and in restitution of the damage done in the Gulf States from the recent hurricanes. Bush is already recasting all former Democratic laws and initiatives in his own image hoping to be seen as more compassionate than liberals.

However, as he proceeds, he is tearing down bulwarks that has shorn up the less privileged among us, he has rescinded laws that would give labor a decent wage and has put out the contracts for restoring many areas into the hands of big corporations instead of small local industries and construction businesses.

“But what looked like a chance to talk up new programs is fast becoming a
scramble to save the old ones. Conservatives have already used the storm for causes of their own, like suspending requirements that federal contractors have affirmative action plans and pay locally prevailing wages. And with federal costs for rebuilding the Gulf Coast estimated at up to $200 billion, Congressional Republican leaders are pushing for spending cuts, with programs like Medicaid and food stamps especially vulnerable.”

Whether one is wild about Harry’s nomination or wildly pissed of with it, Liberals must not allow themselves to be led by the nads further down into oblivion by the Bushies. Karl Rove isn’t dead yet and Harry may be forced to resign by her own rychus ones.
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Friday, October 07, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 041


While the Elephants walk [GenderGappers 2005-040] in synchrony of mind and baser impulses, the Donkeys dance. Dancing, in this sense, is best exemplified by the famous cartoon showing two Donkeys hitched together by a fairly long rope.

There are two piles of hay close by and each Donkey heads for one but the rope is not long enough for each to reach its chosen pile. They pull and tug at each other, he-haw up a storm but to no avail.

Then having spent themselves, the muscle between their long ears kicks in and they both dance over to one pile of hay, eat that and then both go to the other pile of hay. Voila! There is no end to what can be accomplished when strong, determined minds work together.

Our Donkeys have several piles of metaphorical hay that they want to get to and are determined to drag the other Donkeys to it. There are the Greens, environmentalists extraordinaire; the Liberals who refuse to be ashamed of their name, grass-rooters who never met a union they did not love.

Of course the Progressives, who claim all of the Democratic virtues relating to the poor; the Democratic leadership that shies away from the down and dirty word, Liberal, and then there are various other splinter groups.

The Elephants have managed successfully to play on the conceit of the Donkeys by getting most of them to fear and hate being called a Liberal. They have acquired Money, God and the Flag thereby forcing the Donkeys to plaintively defend what they do not own or be deemed unpatriotic.

Donkeys are forever being played by the Elephants, mostly because they are emotionally connected and engaged in humanity. Donkeys do right for its own sake without bringing in higher powers to justify what is second nature to them.

So it’s easy for the Elephants to scare the Donkey leadership into pulling one way while the rest of the Donkeys pull in several other directions. Humanity to the Elephant is just a mark in the shell game of politics; something to give lip service too.

When there is a presidential election, most Donkeys reluctantly follow whoever has been chosen by the majority, trying to convince themselves that they are not abandoning their principals with their vote.

In 2004, an outside the beltway Wildcard was the runaway choice of the Liberal Grass rooters and Progressives but the Leadership, cowed by the Elephants, were convinced that appearance of a candidate was more important that what he espoused.

The Wildcard was kicked and dumped in exchange for two Senators who raised the comfort level of the Congressional Donkeys and their money machines, because in their words, “he was not electable”. In this instance most of the kicking was done by the Donkeys while the Elephants sat on the sidelines gleefully watching.

Playing on the feelings of the rank and file, who would settle for anything that wasn’t the dumbest living Elephant, most Donkeys held their noses and eschewed their own favorite piles of hay at the polls. Those who could not, stayed away, horrorstruck by the way the Senator candidate was making a balls-up of campaign rhetoric.

But most Donkeys were convinced by the elders in DC that voting for this presentable ticket would mean a Donkey in the White House which would help all of their causes. They were told that if they voted for the Wild Card they would lose but votes for the Senators would assure them a victory in 2004.

They believed, they followed and they lost. Those who paid the piper called the tune. Who will be the next Lady or Lord of the Dance for the Donkeys?
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Saturday, October 01, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 040


One of the most satisfying and enjoyable programs on TV this week was watching an irate N.Y. Congressman, Peter King slam into Hardball’s Matthews. King was charging him with hurting the efforts following the hurricanes by making things out to be worse than they are.

He was especially angry that his friend, Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security, came off looking bad and blamed Chris for showing this. He was also angry that Chris and the rest of the media were blaming Bush for not doing a good job.

Matthews baited him, trying to get him to choose one or the other as blameworthy and King showed the stress of defending the indefensible. However, he had his Party’s talking points to aid him.

So, whether he was defending Chertoff or Bush, he raged against the Democratic Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans. They were to blame, he insisted. They did nothing; Bush and Chertoff came in and saved the day.

Although Matthews seldom pushes Republicans, he asked for specifics and of course the old bit about all the school buses that were never used by the mayor came up. An old talking point that has been disproved but it mattered little to King.

Pressed even harder on Halliburton getting the no-bid contracts for work being done in the destroyed areas, he claimed that it was OK because in an emergency a job didn’t need to be bid as there was a need to hurry.

Matthews then interjected that many of the contracts given Halliburton were not due to start for weeks. King’s answered obliquely, going back to the mother-of-all-talking points as he said, “Bill Clinton gave Halliburton more contracts than Bush has.”

Surprisingly, Chris called him on it with a look and a few words that made everyone listening aware that Clinton had no ties to Halliburton and that every single bit of crap the Republicans could get on him was put into their attempt to discredit him.

In the long run it really will not matter since Representative King and the others who protect their cronies ignore the truth. They will make the same claims, tell the same lies and do everything possible to protect Bush from getting any blame whatsoever.

But it was a great example of political cronyism and the way our governmental representatives stand up for their cronies even if a whole coastline of cities is drowning. And it showed how an interviewer can squeak out some truth if he keeps the pressure on.

Brown, who had resigned from FEMA, is now back working for it. Fired for incompetence he was hired back as a consultant. Cronyism works well for all who know where the bodies are buried. The farce that is called an investigation is being carried on even now – cronies investigating cronies.

As Bush’s feet of clay are becoming so very obvious, Republican lackeys lumber out to the media with identical talking points in hand, somewhat over shadowed by the indictment of Tom Delay but ready when there is an opening.

They resemble the “Elephant Walk”, practiced for years by fraternities and sporting organizations. As part of the initiation process, all the newbies are forced to get naked, bend over, reach between their legs and grab the penis of the guy behind them who is doing the same to the guy behind, who is doing the same …

And then the tightly knit group goes around in a circle --bound together for life by the penis power of the Elephant Walk and the sacred rite of the crony.
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