Saturday, October 01, 2005

GenderGappers 2005 - 040


One of the most satisfying and enjoyable programs on TV this week was watching an irate N.Y. Congressman, Peter King slam into Hardball’s Matthews. King was charging him with hurting the efforts following the hurricanes by making things out to be worse than they are.

He was especially angry that his friend, Michael Chertoff of Homeland Security, came off looking bad and blamed Chris for showing this. He was also angry that Chris and the rest of the media were blaming Bush for not doing a good job.

Matthews baited him, trying to get him to choose one or the other as blameworthy and King showed the stress of defending the indefensible. However, he had his Party’s talking points to aid him.

So, whether he was defending Chertoff or Bush, he raged against the Democratic Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans. They were to blame, he insisted. They did nothing; Bush and Chertoff came in and saved the day.

Although Matthews seldom pushes Republicans, he asked for specifics and of course the old bit about all the school buses that were never used by the mayor came up. An old talking point that has been disproved but it mattered little to King.

Pressed even harder on Halliburton getting the no-bid contracts for work being done in the destroyed areas, he claimed that it was OK because in an emergency a job didn’t need to be bid as there was a need to hurry.

Matthews then interjected that many of the contracts given Halliburton were not due to start for weeks. King’s answered obliquely, going back to the mother-of-all-talking points as he said, “Bill Clinton gave Halliburton more contracts than Bush has.”

Surprisingly, Chris called him on it with a look and a few words that made everyone listening aware that Clinton had no ties to Halliburton and that every single bit of crap the Republicans could get on him was put into their attempt to discredit him.

In the long run it really will not matter since Representative King and the others who protect their cronies ignore the truth. They will make the same claims, tell the same lies and do everything possible to protect Bush from getting any blame whatsoever.

But it was a great example of political cronyism and the way our governmental representatives stand up for their cronies even if a whole coastline of cities is drowning. And it showed how an interviewer can squeak out some truth if he keeps the pressure on.

Brown, who had resigned from FEMA, is now back working for it. Fired for incompetence he was hired back as a consultant. Cronyism works well for all who know where the bodies are buried. The farce that is called an investigation is being carried on even now – cronies investigating cronies.

As Bush’s feet of clay are becoming so very obvious, Republican lackeys lumber out to the media with identical talking points in hand, somewhat over shadowed by the indictment of Tom Delay but ready when there is an opening.

They resemble the “Elephant Walk”, practiced for years by fraternities and sporting organizations. As part of the initiation process, all the newbies are forced to get naked, bend over, reach between their legs and grab the penis of the guy behind them who is doing the same to the guy behind, who is doing the same …

And then the tightly knit group goes around in a circle --bound together for life by the penis power of the Elephant Walk and the sacred rite of the crony.
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