Friday, May 25, 2007


The Bush administration has not been a good showcase for women. With few exceptions, most of the women who are seen or heard on the news are badly failing their potential. It seems Bush has almost a maniacal eagerness to put forth or appoint women whose flaws reflect his.

When Condi Rice was appointed as Secretary of State there was a collective shudder from the many who remember she was responsible for bringing Bush the news that America would be attacked by airplane bombs.

Run the table of Bush women appointments to cabinet and other important posts. Whether the fracas over the ill fated nomination of Harriet Mier or the present fracas involving the fall out from Gonzo-gate, now focusing on his aide, Monica Goodling; Republican women in politics are getting a black eye.

Monica Goodling, who worked in the Justice Department for the last five years, submitted a letter of resignation effective April 7 when Gonzo-gate heated up. Rather than testifying, she claimed her 5th Amendment privilege.

That bought her free pass along with a subpoena. Her performance before the Senate committee made every woman who has ever fought for a decent professional position wince; “What on earth is a silly girl-child doing in such an important job?”

In spite of all the scandals of the Bushie women, it is of great comfort to note that for the first time the Speaker of the House is a woman, Nancy Pelosi; decidedly NOT part of the Bush administration but still taking a lot of heat.

In the Senate, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein chair important committees and other women are rising up the ladder of leadership. Hillary Clinton, as we all know is a front runner in the presidential race.

Despite the efforts of women in the Democratic leadership, the media is screaming that the Dems caved in to Bush and broke their promise to the electorate that they would end the Iraq occupation.

Another case of Democrats/Liberals/Progressives doing what they do best; ragging on the actions of other Democrats. How the Repugs love this and they are on every media outlet laughing at the Dem’s consternation.

If the Dems had refused to capitulate to the Bush demands, every death of every soldier from now on would have been laid at their door by every ringmaster in the Media Circus.

Prominent in that 3-ring circus now is Rosie and “The View” presented as typical Democratic women - always good for a laugh.
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Friday, May 18, 2007


For many years Jerry Falwell has told us that all the bad storms or wars or pestilence or whatever indicates that God is pissed off at gays, feminists, lesbians and assorted other scape-goats like Twinkie Winkie of the Teletubbys. [scape·goat(skpgt) n.

1. One that is made to bear the blame of others. 2. Bible A live goat over whose head Aaron confessed all the sins of the children of Israel on the Day of Atonement. The goat, symbolically bearing their sins, was then sent into the wilderness. tr.v. scape·goat·ed, scape·goat·ing, scape·goats To make a scapegoat of.]

His favorite hatred focal point was Hillary and Bill Clinton and he railed against them endlessly [The Clinton Chronicles]. Murderers, he called them among other things, as he urgently demanded that God send his thunderbolts down upon them. His venom and accusations are still brandished about by the rightwing shock jocks as well as the most rabid leftwing democrats who consider a woman president anathema.

Counting on the massive guilt complex of Christians and near Christians, Falwell enlisted many into his camp and named them The Moral Majority [MM]. They became and still are the Repug base. With his political power increasing, as head of the MM, Jerry was instrumental in the corruption of politics with religion [and visa versa] – a burden the country still reels under.

The Ronald and the Georges added more fear to the guilt Jerry induced. With those two emotions so dear to the hearts of the Messianic maelstrom, this country’s leadership avowed its reverence for life by condemning women’s reproductive rights as criminal.

Always supporting “the Party of Life”, the MM had no qualms when Bush took the country to an unnecessary war killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi as well as thousands of American and coalition troops.

One thing Jerry lusted for was to be on Earth during the Rapture which he predicted would happen soon. The vision he projected to his flock, that all true believers would join him in being risen up into the heavens, squeezed still more money out of the fearful masses.

Through all the years he exhibited the true sense of American Corporate values, building up massive wealth from the labor and tithe of the poor and vulnerable. Jerry not only missed the Rapture but, if Jesus has been quoted correctly, he has also missed the Kingdom of God:

"It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" (Matthew 19:24). #

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Friday, May 11, 2007


GenderGappers 2007 – 020


One of the most puzzling manifestations of this whole presidential campaign is how there is nearly unanimous agreement among Dems of any stripe that the media is biased, untruthful and creates, rather than reports, facts. And, that it parrots the Repug talking points.

Therefore the paradox is that there are intelligent Dems/Progs/Libs who absolutely believe anything the media puts forth that is detrimental to Senator Clinton. Even when they read it on Drudge or hear it on Fox News, they run breathlessly to repeat the latest allegations and creations on their Lists and Blogs.

There is little disagreement that Hillary became a Gender-Related target for the Rychus Ones when Bill ran for president. She was portrayed as an “unnatural woman” because of her education, her abilities and because she didn’t walk the traditional 3 paces behind her husband.

The Repugs focused on the 19th century psyche of the electorate to create ways to denigrate her. The media followed faithfully portraying her as aloof and stuck-up; the unapproachable ice queen. They attacked Hillary, accusing her of all sorts of crimes, even murder.

When she ran for the N.Y. Senate seat, the Repugs and lap dog media went into overdrive, declaring that there was no way she could win. She not only won, she showed the voters of N.Y. someone they liked. Serving in the Senate, she received accolades from both Repugs and Dem Senators for her hard work and considerable ability.

As more people came to know her and discover that the Repug rantings were lies and falsehoods, support for her presidential candidacy came in from all over the country. That plus her decisive win in N.Y. caused panic in the Devil’s [Karl Rove] conclave which went into overdrive to plan how to defeat her.

Hillary was the one Democratic candidate that the Repugs feared the most and she was the one – a woman - chosen by Chris Matthews to hurl into the pit bull pit of the 10 Repug candidates in their debate.

Bro’s before Ho’s! Of course, that’s the Christian American way.

From their Freepers embedded in Liberal blogs and Lists all over the net and other informers, Devil Karl realized there were Dems out there who were still posting the very propaganda Rovians had put out to defeat her in N.Y. So they intensified their efforts to mislead knowing that they were energizing disgruntled Liberals to work for them.

By using misleading headlines, Rove has provided some Dems with more reasons to turn against Hillary, the one Dem they most fear could win.

How right he is. Without a care for truth, some Dems were and are salivating over the anti-Hillary lies Rove puts out. They joyfully do the Devil’s work by posting them to their Lists and Blogs while bemoaning all the other “lies” of this administration and the media. Can you spell hypocrite?
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Friday, May 04, 2007


Women have been enslaved for sexual services seemingly forever and nearly every so-called religion in the world openly frowns on this practice while giving tacit approval sub-rosa. It still remains part of the “spoils of war” and in many cases is government sponsored.

Of course children are victims also and some countries in Asia, for example, depend on the tourist revenue to finance their governments. Here in the land of the vanishing Constitution, it rears its ugly head for a moment when human smuggling rings are busted then is quickly swept under the rug again.

Regulation of women in this country was supposed to have ended but now it seems our human rights are flowing backwards with the latest decision from the Supremes to subject women’s bodies to state control. We’ve come the wrong way, baby.

World news also tends to remind us how women were and are still treated as a commodity to be regulated rather than as human beings:
WASHINGTON (CNN) – Korean, 78, speaks out against Japan's enforced slavery of women in World War II. An estimated 200,000 were forced into sex slavery more than 60 years ago. She's 78 years old, but for Lee Young-soo, life as she knew it ended at age 15 -- when the Japanese government forced her to become a sex slave for its military members during World War II. "I was abducted at age 15 by the Japanese Imperial Army," she said. "I was put on a Japanese naval ship. There were 300 military men there and five girls, including myself."
Japan's leader Shinzo Abe visiting Washington expressed "deep" sympathy to "comfort women" and President Bush calls sex slavery a "regrettable chapter in history of world"
The words of Bush and Abe are cold comfort, for the Comfort Women of WW2, from men who know it is still going on in Iraq. How quiet and unconcerned the media is on the subject.

"This system [Comfort Women] resulted in the largest, most methodical and most deadly mass rape of women in recorded history. Japan's Kem pei tai political police and their collaborators tricked or abducted females as young as eleven years old and imprisoned them in military rape camps known as 'comfort stations,' situated throughout Asia. These 'comfort women' were forced to service as many as fifty Japanese soldiers a day. They were often beaten, starved, and made to endure abortions or injections with sterilizing drugs. Only a few of the women survived, and those that did suffered permanent physical and emotional damage."

“Records show tens of thousands of Japanese women were forced to provide sex to U.S. troops until the spring of 1946, when Gen. Douglas MacArthur shut the brothels down.
About 350,000 U.S. troops were occupying Japan by the end of 1945, and a Japanese government-funded association employed 70,000 prostitutes to serve them, according to a memoir by Seiichi Kaburagi, the chief of public relations for association. The records indicate that by then the Americans had full knowledge of Japan's reported torture of women in countries it invaded across Asia during the war, the records show.

Under government sanctions [including ours], women were kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery. One can only shudder at the pain inflicted as one is pummeled incessantly in every orifice as often as 50 times a day, every day. Children as young as 11 were used and then discarded when they became too sick to service male soldiers.

How safe to you feel under your government’s most recent sanction now stamped OK by the Supreme Court?
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